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Earthbox – Grow Vegetables Without a Garden

Earthbox – Grow Vegetables Without a Garden

By on May 16, 2013 in Food, Home Items, Products | 0 comments

Earthbox – Indoor Gardening System

I recently discovered the EarthBox website and found it very intriguing especially for someone who never plants a garden. I am a vegetarian and do eat quite a lot of veggies, but never have gotten myself to plant a garden. However, looking at this great website and their variety of container systems I might change to doing a bit of gardening.

What I really like is that not only do they provide everything you need for the planter, they also have plant care, seeds, accessories and articles relating to plant care in their e-newsletter. If you are a fan of a hard copy catalog they will also send one free of charge so you can peruse things before you get started.

The only thing I find the website lacking on is informational articles. I know they have tips & hints in their newsletters, so they should make a resource section of them on the website so that everybody can access them.

Definitely a solution that I plan on looking into and posting a follow up to tell you all about my results!

Earthbox - Homegrown Vegetables Without A Garden

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