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Eco Friendly Furniture

Eco Friendly Furniture

By on Sep 24, 2013 in Home Items, Products | 0 comments

Eco Friendly Furniture

Maze End Tables - Greg's Green LivingEco Friendly Furniture can refer to many different aspects of a piece of furniture. All of the furniture listed on meets at least one of their criteria to qualify it to be listed based on Source Material, Manufacturing, Use & Disposal.

Each and every product listed as a unique green score from 1 to 100 which lets you know how each item compares on an overall basis. Then they provide you with a link to a detailed listing of at least 25 attributes which effect the ranking.

Most of the furniture found on the website includes materials which are reclaimed, locally sourced or sustainably grown. they also look at how much energy was consumed to create and to ship the items as well as the packaging and how much of the furniture can be recycled when it has outlived its usefulness.

Wine Barrel End TableOne of my personal favorites is the Wine Barrel End Table. It is manufactured from the leftover parts of the barrel, namely the oak barrel head and galvanized straps. They even re-use the original fastening rivets in the foot detail and add their own authentic cooper’s rivets in the table assembly.

Be sure to check out all of their unique and stylish eco friendly furniture for your home.

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