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Essentia – Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Essentia – Natural Memory Foam Mattress

By on Jun 10, 2013 in Home Items, Products | 0 comments

Essentia – Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Essentia Eco Memory Foam Mattress - Greg's Green GuideLooking for a new mattress? We were a few years ago and after a bit of searching found a local manufacturer and ordered one. It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t top of the line either. Just a nice comfortable mattress that would last quite a while.

Now I just found this really nice purely organic mattress that is also memory foam. Yes, it is fairly expensive, but from all of the information I’ve read it is fully worth the cost. Here’s a link to the Essentia Research Center¬†with a bunch of information about their mattresses and what the differences are compared to others.

Essentia Eco-Driver Initiative

If you own an Electric or Hybrid car they have a program where you can receive 10% off any order just to reward your eco friendly lifestyle.

So, even though I’m not planning on getting a new mattress soon, if you are a suggest checking out this place. If for nothing else than for all the great information and resources.

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