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Green Products

Greg’s Green Living Guide To Green Products

The following green products and services are items that I have found which I believe can make a difference . I have categorized them into Clothing, Food, Home, Pets, Play, Travel or Work related.

Green Categories


- Items you wear from standard clothing to accessories


- Anything you eat or use in cooking


- Items for your home life


- Anything for your pets, from treats to toys and beds


- Any items you use for leisure time activities


- How you travel, where you stay and what you do when you get there


- Anything related to the office, wherever that may be


Reusable Eco Bags

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Reusable Eco Bags

Reusable Eco Bags

Reusable Eco Bags - Greg's Green LivingOne of the best purchases I ever made was a set of reusable eco bags. I use them every time I go to the grocery and always get compliments from the cashiers & baggers. I tend to keep a set of seven bags in my car at all times and grab at least one every time I go in a store. Since they fold down small they are easy to fit in your pocket or just in your hand. Another benefit is that they are very strong. I have put ~50 pounds worth of items in one before without any issues.

They come in three sizes which should take care of a majority of needs:

Small – 11″ Across by 14″ Tall and comes in Red – $6.95

Medium - 18″ Across by 16″ Tall and come in six colors: Green, Blue, Black, Red, Aqua, Kahki. – $9.95

Deluxe - 22″ Across by 21″ Tall and come in nine colors: Green/Khaki, Green/Navy, Blue/Yellow, Black/Purple, Black/Gold,  Pink/Charcoal, Red/Blue, Red/Khaki, Purple/Aqua. – $14.95

Because the Trek Light Eco Tote is made with the same durable material as the Trek Light hammocks, it means it’s both ultralight and incredibly strong. It packs down so tiny that you’ll have no problem keeping one with you on your key chain or keeping a pack of them in your car or backpack at all times. Perfect for city dwellers who want to make the switch to reusable bags but can’t afford to carry the extra weight or space around all day! They’ll never rot or mildew and they can be cleaned easily for year after year of use.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Products

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Products

Eco-Friendly Green Kitchen Cleaning Products

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaners - Greg's Green Living
If you are looking for some great green cleaning products for your kitchen then you should check out the selection from My Cleaning Products. They have industrial strength kitchen cleaners that are available from 4 ounces to a massive 55 gallon size. Make your kitchen super clean and do it in an environmentally responsible way.

Green Kitchen Cleaners

Green Bean All Purpose Cleaner - Green Bean All Purpose Cleaner is an environmental preferable product designed to cut cleaning time in half, yet have no harmful effects on the environment, children and pets. Available in 4 ounce to 55 gallon sizes.

Neutralizer: Counter & Floor Cleaner - Non-Toxic Green Floor Cleaner is an economical cleaner specifically formulated for routine cleaning of floors. Effectively removes dirt, grime, grease, food and scuff marks to let the natural luster of the floor shine through. No rinsing necessary. Available in 4 ounce to 55 gallon sizes.

Greaserizer - Greaserizer is designed to remove oil, grease and tar from hard surfaces not affected by solvents such as concrete, brick, metal, etc. This formula can also be used to clean engines and machinery. Available in 4 ounce to 55 gallon sizes.

Senor Sticky: Gum & Tar Cleaner - The Green Bean Line is a new formulate line for cleaning with all natural ingredients. The formulation was designed with soy bean extract, this amazing discovery has made Green Bean a household name. The organic cleaner is a multi purpose cleaner around the house that is safe around children, pets, and seniors. Available in 32 ounce to 55 gallon sizes.


Go Green Back To School

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Go Green Back To School

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Back To School Items

I really wish it wasn’t so, but Summer break is coming to an end and it is time for parents and kids to start thinking about Back to School shopping. This year make it even better by purchasing some green eco-friendly school supplies. The Ultimate Green Store has a huge selection of over 150 eco-school supplies such as Recycled Notebooks, Lunch Boxes, Reusable Water Bottles, Organic Cloth NapkinsEco School Bags, Eco Pencils + Crayons and Non-Toxic Glue Sticks.

In addition they also sell green backpacks, water bottles, laptop bags and a whole host of other great eco-friendly items. You can also save 10% Off your order when you use the coupon code GREENLIVING.

Go Green Back To School Free Shipping

Off Grid Solar Panel Kits

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Off Grid Solar Panel Kits

Off Grid Solar Panel Kits – Never Worry About Lighting Again

Off Grid Solar Panel Kits - Solar Shed KitSolar power has come a long way and now you can even purchase off grid solar panel kits for a variety of applications. This kits allow you to have a fully functioning solar power system for remote locations such as RVs, boats, shed, barns, workshops, garages and cabins. The kits themselves range from small occasional single light kits to 130 Watt solar kits to a full blown Solar Emergency Response Unit, Command Center.

If you are thinking of creating your own system you can browse the key components in an off grid solar system: solar panelsbatteries and off-grid inverters.  Or if you’d like some help you can check out their solar kits or even request a quote on a custom system for your own unique needs.

Solar Panels & Flex Solar Cells

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Solar Panels & Flex Solar Cells

Solar Panels & Flex Solar Cells

Solar Panel in Use - Greg's Green LivingHave you ever looked for a good place to purchase flex solar cells or solar panels? I found one that has a really good variety of panels and flex cells called Green Cupboards. Their largest selection is of flex solar cells which range from 3 Volts -12 mA to 15.4 Volts -200 mA with some being for indoor use only while others can be installed outdoors. Due to their paper thin size and flexibility you can install them in many places for limitless applications.

Another cool line they have are roll up flex solar cells that are made for taking outdoors and even have a sleeve where you can stick your batteries to recharge. Of course there are also inputs where you can plug other devices.

When you get really serious about solar they also sell full size solar panels which can produce between 52 and 130 watts each. Also available are some structured portable solar panels which are perfect to take to the beach or even when you’re gardening. If you have a pool, pond or spa you can also go solar for your pump, filter and skimmer.

Most items offer free shipping and you can get $5 off your order when you join their mailing list.


Natural Skin Care Products

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Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Skin Care Products

Pomega5 - Natural Skin Care Products

There are many types of skin care products out on the market and while some people just go by price or whether they are not tested on animals there is a growing segment of the population who see the benefits of natural skin care products. Pomega5 is full line of natural skin care products that are derived from natural sources, most prominently pomegranate seed oil, and are manufactured and packed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Sustainable Practices

- Organically farmed pomegranates from the Mediterranean
- Manufactured in a certified green lab
- All product packaging is 100% recyclable, even the plastic bottles

Skin Care Product Lines

Body - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Oiliness - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Blemishes - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Dryness - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Anti-Aging - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Sensitivity - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Damage - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Eye - Pomega5 Skin Care Products


Special - Pomega5 Skin Care Products



Organic Pet Products

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Organic Pet Products

Organic Pet Products

Organic Pet Products - Greg's Green LivingWe all love our pets and want to take care of them as best we can. We also want to do what’s good for the environment. So to this end I present to you a selection of eco-friendly and organic pet products. From this one site you can get a decent variety of items for your favorite canine or feline.


Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Pet Beds – Recycled fabric & filling
Dog Toys -Recycled polyfill
Dog Sweaters -Reclaimed cotton

Organic Pet Products

Pet Beds – Organic cotton cover & recycled fill
Catnip – Grown organically
Vitamins – Multi-Vitamins, Stress relief
Collars – Made from bamboo
Leashes – Made from hemp
Coat & Fur Products – Shampoo, conditioner, scented oils, boo boo treatment, flea treatment

See the whole selection of great organic pet products.

Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines for Home & Education

Wind Turbine Kit - Greg's Green LivingHave you ever thought about adding a wind turbine to your home and going off the grid? Yes, there is a place online that actually sells wind turbine kits…well at least a few of them. Still it is cool to look at the selection on Green and start to make plans.

Of course their larger selection is actually educational wind turbines for STEM schools and other educational facilities. Looking at the kits I feel very good that these are available and are being used to inspire the next generation. I am almost tempted to get a few of the kits myself and play around with wind efficiency testing.

Eco Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags

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Eco Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags

Eco Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags

What do you store your lunch food in? If you don’t go to a restaurant or eat at home everyday you most likely have at least some of your food stored in plastic containers. While these are handy there has been research that shows that the BPA’s in plastic can leech into your food and cause health problems down the line. Even if you try to look for other options the pickings are slim.

I have found Eco Lunchbox which offers a variety of sustainable & green stainless steel Bento boxes and cotton lunchbags along with related accessories. The lunchbags are made in India by Khatri craftsmen and help to keep their craft alive while supporting them through the fair trade initiative. The stainless steel boxes are also created in India with high quality food-grade stainless steel 205 that is is lead free and BPA free.

How ECO is your Lunchbox? Find out with the ECOlunchbox Quiz!

Click here to complete the ECOlunchbox Quiz & Earn a Coupon for 10% off!

Below is a listing of my favorite Eco Lunchbox’s bento boxes & cotton lunchbags


Eco Lunchbox ECOlunchbox Three-in-One – $25
All together when boxed up, the bento measures 4 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches long and 2 3/4 inches high. The bottom section is 1 inch deep and fits a small whole sandwich on sliced bread. The top layer is a bit larger at 1 1/2 inches deep and works well for bulkier food, such as chips, sliced fruit, leftover pastas or salads.
Eco Lunchtray ECOlunchtray Large – $17
Too often eating outdoors or with young children means breaking out the disposable plates that won’t break! Usually this means turning to plastics or throw-away paper plates. But with the ECOlunchtray, there’s a new eco-friendly solution for entertaining that’s 100% waste free, plastic free and nonbreakable!
Eco Dipper ECOdipper – $7 for 1 / $23 for 4
The ECOdipper measures 3 1/2 inches in diameter by 1 1/2 inches tall.
Eco Lunchbox Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap – $15
Chic and versatile, furoshiki is the original eco lunchbag from Japan. If you can tie two knots, you can transform our Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap into a stylish lunchbag! Available in 16 colors.
ECOlunchette Kit ECOlunchette Kit – $45
Handmade ECOlunchette is a purse-style lunchbag for women and children. Sewn from colorful artisan textiles, the lunchbag zips closed, is fully lined, machine washable and comes with one matching napkin. Available in six colors
ECOnapkin (Set of 2 - Assorted colors) ECOnapkin (Set of 2 – Assorted colors) – $8
A set of two reusable cotton napkins. These hand block printed napkins come in a variety of colors and patterns. Napkins measure 16 inches by 12 inches and are designed for use as placemats or napkins. Machine wash cold/tumble dry.

Green Wedding Starter Guide

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Green Wedding Starter Guide

Green Wedding Starter Guide

Green Wedding Starter Kit - Greg's Green Living
If you are planning on getting married why not make it a Green wedding? Planning a wedding can be a challenging process. This green wedding starter kit provides a starting point for couples looking to add sustainable touches to their celebration. From rings to invitations to gowns and favors, the Green Bride Guide book and accompanying materials make it easier than ever to your wedding while minimizing the environmental impact of your big day.

The Green Wedding Starter Kit has everything you need to start planning your green wedding. It contains an autographed copy of The Green Bride Guide book, exclusive samples from green wedding vendors, and a ton of information, all packaged in a 100% recycled cotton Green Bride Guide tote. Plus, the kit includes a $50 gift card to the Green Bride Guide Gift Shop & Registry!