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Solar Panels & Flex Solar Cells

Solar Panels & Flex Solar Cells

By on Jul 24, 2013 in Home Items, Play, Products, Travel | 0 comments

Solar Panels & Flex Solar Cells

Solar Panel in Use - Greg's Green LivingHave you ever looked for a good place to purchase flex solar cells or solar panels? I found one that has a really good variety of panels and flex cells called Green Cupboards. Their largest selection is of flex solar cells which range from 3 Volts -12 mA to 15.4 Volts -200 mA with some being for indoor use only while others can be installed outdoors. Due to their paper thin size and flexibility you can install them in many places for limitless applications.

Another cool line they have are roll up flex solar cells that are made for taking outdoors and even have a sleeve where you can stick your batteries to recharge. Of course there are also inputs where you can plug other devices.

When you get really serious about solar they also sell full size solar panels which can produce between 52 and 130 watts each. Also available are some structured portable solar panels which are perfect to take to the beach or even when you’re gardening. If you have a pool, pond or spa you can also go solar for your pump, filter and skimmer.

Most items offer free shipping and you can get $5 off your order when you join their mailing list.


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