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Sustainable America

Sustainable America

By on Jun 26, 2013 in Resources | 0 comments

Sustainable America – The Link Between Food & Fuel

Sustainable America is an organization that looks at the relationship between food & fuel and how we can best make use of both of these critical resources. Their website has quite a bit of information and graphs to show how our fuel consumption effects our food supply and ways that we can strike a balance.


Food is fuel. The consumption of food and fossil fuels are inextricably linked. Their production is nearing capacity, and shortages in both are a very real near term possibility. Without a concerted effort at all levels to separate the two—and to develop solutions to agricultural and energy shortcomings—we will be faced with a global crisis.


As daunting as the outlook is, there is hope on the horizon. Sustainable America’s goal is to bring together like-minded groups to foster awareness through open dialog and educational outreach, and act as a catalyst for the development and funding of innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to the impending food/fuel crisis.

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