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The Green Office – Work & Do Good!

The Green Office – Work & Do Good!

By on Jun 5, 2013 in Products, Work | 0 comments

The Green Office – Green’s Always Been Good. Now It’s Easy.

The Green Office - Greg's Green Living
If you are looking for office supplies, but would like to be as green as possible it is hard to tell what at the big box stores is doing the least harm to the environment. In my searching I have come across The Green Office which features only green products and even has a ranking associated with each item with one of three levels:

Dark Green

In addition to meeting one or more of their criteria for sustainability, Dark Green products are at the forefront of sustainability, challenging the conventional market in interesting and pioneering ways. These products have generally not been adopted by larger corporations, so they deal directly with the manufacturers or wholesalers to not only distribute them, but also to find more cost-effective ways to develop these products to promote adoption by the mainstream.


Green products meet one or more of their criteria for sustainability and are generally widely adopted by the mainstream. Making a transition to Green products is an earnest step towards sustainability in the workplace. By choosing Green alternatives whenever possible, they show manufacturers that there is a real demand for positive change.


Conventional products are products that meet none of their criteria for sustainability. While their vision is to offer a full line of sustainably-designed, high-quality office products, many consumers still find it virtually impossible to avoid using some conventional products. Instead of forcing well-intentioned consumers to shop in two or more locations they offer a convenient selection of ‘conventional’ necessities.

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While there are probably some smaller sites that deal only in fully green products I do like the basic philosophy of The Green Office and give them credit for making their own business as green as possible. If you shop online for office goods you ow it to yourself, and the planet, to check out The Green Office and see if they can meet your needs.

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