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Tread Lightly – Camp in a Hammock!

Tread Lightly – Camp in a Hammock!

By on Jun 24, 2013 in Play, Products, Travel | 0 comments

Make less of an impact while camping and use a Hammock!

Trek Light Gear - Hammocks - Greg's Green LivingI have done more than my share of camping in my life and while I’m not really into it now, I’m spoiled and like a hotel, I never thought much about the impact tents were having. Sure most places I’ve camped have been pre-cleared campsites so there really wasn’t much more than some soil and roots where we pitched the tents. However, many people do camp all over in the wilderness and if enough of them use tents it can impact the local eco-system. The thought of using a hammock instead never even occurred to me.

So when I came across Trek Light Gear I was intrigued, but wondered how it all fit into being eco friendly. One of the best things to read is the Trek Life blog and get an idea of all the benefits of these hammocks. Once you really think about it there is no need for a tent except when it is raining or really cold, but even then there are hammock solutions. I think one of the best things I’ve noticed is how compact and lightweight they are.

Also here’s a link to 5% off your order!

Double Hammock - Greg's Green Living


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